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Pole Sport Organization, Space City 2023

Houston, Texas

Behind this performance:

This piece was a seed of an idea in 2019. I started preparing at the end of 2019 with the music cut and voiceover. Then 2020 happened and I didn't see a pole for approximately 3 years. So the music went into a folder in an archive somewhere on Dropbox.

Fast forward to January 2023. I started to take classes again. I started to think about this piece again. I marinated in the idea until I knew I was sure. In February I began working and getting serious with my amazing coach. Set up themes for reaching and big tricks I wanted to learn and then perfect, for bird, relearn and perfect again.

I started to talk about it with my new studio instructor and spoke of the desire for a team. We did it! We created a team, the Revolutionaries! The support from everyone was beautiful and the weeks of frustration, blood, sweat, tears, and joy were worth it.

I'm happy I shared the stage with these performers!

I'm so happy I pushed myself to choreograph, learn, perfect, and perform this piece. I think we all at times have this elusive search for who we are and everyone can connect with this feeling on some level. And not in a frustrating way, but in a way of continued discovering that creates self and growth.

Pole isn't one size fits all. Make it what you want.

Perform what you want. Create what you're meant to create.

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