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Grandpa Saul

I’m absolutely in love with and inspired by Grandpa Saul.

I painted him for PAWerful Rescue, not only inspired by him but by Stephanie of Pawerful and the work she does. She is the person who connected me with my Winslow after all. Pawerful has put together a bucket list for this old man and one of those bucket list items is Christmas in April/ May. So, Merry Christmas Grandpa Saul.

From PAWerful’s post: ———————————————

Well Grandpa Saul has spoken! . He has created his very own bucket list and on the top of that list is ... . Having his first Christmas Morning! . Yes you heard that right! . We are going to be decorating Grandpa Sauls room like Christmas morning and spoil him with a ton of gifts. . Unfortunately because this baby has sores and boils in his mouth, he can’t have fun treats like bully sticks right now. . But we have linked up with @welovecuddly and launched a campaign for Grandpa Saul to help us with his ongoing medical and wishlist items. . We have also created a Amazon wishlist for the boy so that everyone can partake in the fun. . Both links are located in the link in their pawerful bio. . Time to pull out the Christmas decorations!!!(and if there are items you want to ship out, let us know) . Grandpa Saul, you get to have your very own Christmas!


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